Single Line

Single Line incorporates 16 LEDs in a resin tube to enable color and lighting adjustment. Each unit is just 30 cm long and weights only 94.5 grams for maximum flexibility in creating unique staging spaces.


Product Specifications

SizeΦ30 mm × L303 mm
WeightBody: 94.5 g/Fittings: 15 g
Display colorsFull color ― 16,777,216 colors
LED pitch18.9 mm
Luminous intensity44.8 cd
Input voltageDC24V
Power consumption6.5W
ControlDMX3 ch/6 ch/12 ch/24 ch/48 ch switch type
EnvironmentIndoor; 0°C–+40°C (No condensation)

Note: All specifications may be changed without notice.

This product is for rental only.