This groundbreaking LED display system incorporates our proprietary in-line LED modules mounted on a plastic net for superior transparency. The result: exciting new options for creating visually rich spaces in which the displayed images appear in front of the background scenery, which can be seen through the net. The DMX controller provides ample flexibility for handling single-line displays to large-screen presentations to deliver the desired effect.


Product Specifications

SizeStandard sizeW7,200 mm × H5,400 mm
Basic unit
(1 frame)
W900 mm × H5,400 mm
Net weight
[excluding power unit]
Standard size240 kg400 kg
Basic unit
(1 frame)
30 kg50 kg
Gross weight
[including power unit]
Standard size390 kg620 kg
Basic unit
(1 frame)
75 kg95 kg
Cluster pitch100 mmstaggered array with a 100 mm pitch
Number of clustersStandard size3,8887,776
Basic unit
(1 frame)
Luminous intensity6.57 cd/pixel
Luminance657 cd/㎡1,314 cd/㎡
Power boxSizeW691 mm × H580 mm × D242 mm
Weight35 kg
Single distributorSizeW300 mm × H128 mm × D88 mm
Weight3.2 kg
Power-supply voltageAC170V-264V
Power consumption4.57KVA9.14KVA
Recommended viewing angle25°/40° (vertical); 50°/50° (horizontal)
EnvironmentIndoor; -10°C –+45°C

Note: All specifications may be changed without notice.

This product is for rental only.